How to Get Involved

Internship positions (for all four years)

- Assistant event coordinator
- Assistant Publicity manager
- Assistant Community Outreach manager

Mentorship Program

This is a great opportunity for Stanford undergraduates to get to know a law student. Each undergrad is paired with one, sometimes two, law students. Derechos hosts a wine and cheese event for the undergrads/law students to get to know each other.

Frequently undergraduates will shadow the law students to their classes. If you are not sure whether or not law school is for you, a chance to sit through an entire class is a great way to find out. The law student can give you access to list of possible classes you might want to sit in on.


“After going to a law school class, I was sure law school was for me. The students were so engaged as they discussed a particular real life case.” - Alexandria Ordway